Site Equipment


Our wide range of site equipment including site lighting, mast lights, floor & hand held lights available in 110v complemented by the latest in rechargeable lighting as well as our range of 9m tower lights for sites, events or general use.

Ae hire a range of acro prop allowing structure reinforcement in 5 sizes from 1.1m (3.5 feet) to 4.9m (16 feet) coupled with the strongboy prop attachment and site security through our tool vault, flame store & chemstore each 4x2x2 or smaller versions 4x2x2.

Secure and protect your site with our heavy duty hoarding panel (2mx 2.2m) and site fencing (3.5m x 2m). Noise absorbent acoustic curtain and acoustic blanket will reduce Db levels significantly especially in suburban areas and a trakway flooring system means minimal disturbance of the ground.

Edge protection is now a big topic with falls from height responsible for a number of fatalities. Add our edge protection system that can be either bolted or screwed to block or brickwork available in a number of components including 2 meter rails.

Industrial electrical, petrol and diesel driven water and sludge pumps available for hire. Our submersible pump available in 1-3 inch inn 110v ideal for reducing water distributed to an allocated area through lay flat hose. To reduce tanks or pits to no laying water we recommend our 110v 1” puddle pump or for larger volumes we offer petrol or diesel centrifugal pumps from 2-4 inch with heavy duty suction hoses clearing huge volumes of clear and dirty water over wide areas.

Not just water? Our Sludge Pumps or Diaphragm pumps in 2 or 3 inch will remove bulky unfiltered water without causing blockages.

Availability and pricing from our online hire system shown below, give us a call if you can’t find what you are looking for. Discounts available for trade customers.

Available Equipment Available From Price Per Day (Ex. VAT) Price Per Week (Ex. VAT)
2" Puddle Pump 19-Mar-2019 £27.00 £45.00
2" Submersible Pump 19-Mar-2019 £25.00 £42.00
2" Petrol Diaphram Pump 19-Mar-2019 £45.00 £75.00
9m Tower Light 19-Mar-2019 £85.00 £140.00
Festoon Lights 19-Mar-2019 £12.00 £20.00
Contractor Light 19-Mar-2019 £10.00 £15.00
Plasterer’s Light 19-Mar-2019 £10.00 £15.00
Acrow Prop Size 0 19-Mar-2019 £2.00 £5.00
Acrow Prop Size 1 19-Mar-2019 £2.00 £5.00
Acrow Prop Size 2 19-Mar-2019 £2.00 £5.00
Acrow Prop Size 3 19-Mar-2019 £2.00 £5.00
Acrow Prop Size 4 19-Mar-2019 £2.00 £5.00
Strong Boys 19-Mar-2019 £2.00 £5.00
Guard Barrier 19-Mar-2019 £4.50 £7.50
Heras Fences per 3.5m Panel (min 4 weeks) 19-Mar-2019 £1.50 £1.50
Hoarding Panels per 2m (min 4 weeks) 19-Mar-2019 £3.50 £3.50
Track Mats 19-Mar-2019 £5.00 £12.00