Aluminium towers can be provided in a range of heights and sizes to suit the job, so you can work safely at height. Narrow options are also available where space is tight.

Low level access platforms provide a safer and cost effective alternative to Aluminium towers or ladders. They are small enough to fit through a doorway or in an access lift, yet typically provide working heights between 3 and 5 metres.

Scissors lifts are ideal for working at height and the larger platform area enables 2 or more operatives or a large load to be lifted. We can provide scissor lifts for hire with a working height up to 16m with a range of power options,  batteries for indoor use, diesel or bi-energy lifts. Also we offer narrow or wide platform sizes, depending on access requirements. Other options include rough terrain, extendible decks or even specialist tyres for indoor use.

Articulated boom lifts enable greater flexibility and reach than other types of access hire solutions. We offer boom lifts up to 28m for hire through our online hire system where you can see live availability and pricing as well as specifications.

We have a range of power options for your hire, diesel, battery of bi-energy options and we have narrow and wide platform options up to 16m. If you have more specific requirements for example spider lifts, give us a call and we arrange to supply your equipment hire with minimum fuss.

Availability and pricing from our online hire system shown below, give us a call if you can’t find what you are looking for. Discounts available for trade customers.

Available Equipment Available From Price Per Day (Ex. VAT) Price Per Week (Ex. VAT)
4.50m Electric Lift 19-Mar-2019 £100.00 £140.00
5.65m Electric Vertical Mast 19-Mar-2019 £108.00 £180.00
6.75m Electric Vertical Mast 19-Mar-2019 £120.00 £200.00
8m Electric Scissor 19-Mar-2019 £156.00 £260.00
10m Electric Scissor 19-Mar-2019 £180.00 £300.00
10m Diesel Scissor 19-Mar-2019 £200.00 £315.00
12m Electric Scissor 19-Mar-2019 £198.00 £315.00
12m Diesel Scissor 19-Mar-2019 £210.00 £350.00
14m Electric Scissor 19-Mar-2019 £237.00 £395.00
16m Electric Scissor 19-Mar-2019 £315.00 £525.00
8m Electric Boom 19-Mar-2019 £162.00 £270.00
10m Electric Boom 19-Mar-2019 £168.00 £280.00
12m Bi-Energy Articulated Boom 19-Mar-2019 £174.00 £290.00
12m Trailer Mounted Articulated Boom 19-Mar-2019 £174.00 £290.00
3.50m Push-Around Lift 19-Mar-2019 £30.00 £50.00
4.20m Push-Around Lift 19-Mar-2019 £39.00 £65.00
4.50m Push-Around Lift 19-Mar-2019 £39.00 £65.00
5.10m Push-Around Lift 19-Mar-2019 £48.00 £80.00
Narrow Aluminium Tower 19-Mar-2019 £33.00 £55.00
Full Aluminium Tower 19-Mar-2019 £36.00 £60.00
Steel Trestle Size 1 19-Mar-2019 £3.60 £6.00
Staging Board 3m 19-Mar-2019 £13.80 £23.00