Cleaning and Dust Extraction


Our wide range of cold water pressure washers are ideal for site, domestic or project use. The diesel 3000psi pressure washer has a built in capacity to add cleaning solutions to the water, usually used for removing lorry mud tracks from the road. If there is no water available add this unit to a bowser to create a THC Pressure Washer Bowser coping with up to 250 gallons of water. The electric 1500psi cold water pressure washers are 110v and designed for easy rigging to a water tap.

A hot water washer is capable of up to 3000psi its engine is electrically powered with a built in diesel motor to warm up the water. Easily moveable on its wheels usual applications food storage areas or more stubborn stained areas.

We can hire Industrial Vacuums which are 110v and have either 1, 2 or 3 motors each with HEPA filter. The hose and wand is extendable. A backpack vacuum is also available for tricky areas be it up high or in a loft.

Our carpet cleaners are highly powerful removing grime from deep inside the fibres of the carpet. Simply add fluid to warm water and use like a vacuum, the difference is unbelievable. 240v only.

Wide range of dust extractor available. All tools that remove or create dust have a capacity to plug our dust extraction system into. The Hilti VCU 40 unit will remove dust at source. Other dust extraction systems include SPE 316 for heavy duty floor grinding and powerful DC2900c dust control unit.

Add a fume extractor to the application if inside an area with known fumes. The 12 inch ducted fume extractor has 6 metre ducting that can be pushed together to assist the fan in removal of fumes safely to an outside source. Available in different sizes and on 110v – 415v.

Availability and pricing from our online hire system shown below, give us a call if you can’t find what you are looking for. Discounts available for trade customers.

Available Equipment Available From Price Per Day (Ex. VAT) Price Per Week (Ex. VAT)
Industrial Vacuum 19-Mar-2019 £35.00 £55.00
Electric Pressure Washer 19-Mar-2019 £35.00 £70.00
Diesel Pressure Washer 19-Mar-2019 £45.00 £80.00
Electric Fume Extractor 19-Mar-2019 £28.00 £80.50