Hand Drills and Breakers


Our ranges are predominantly world renowned Hilti. Concrete Breakers and combi drill/breakers range from handheld TE500 to Floor Breaker TE3000 and TE30 to TE80 (respectively) and all in between. Whatever the application our concrete breakers will do the job. Each available with point, chisel, bolster or clay spade. These breakers will break wall, floor or ceilings from 1 to 8 inches thick.

No power? We have a solution with our Hydraulic Breaker Pack which is petrol driven and requires two men to lift. This will break up to 9 inches. If you require a one man operated piece of kit try our Atlas Copco 2 stroke breaker otherwise known as a cobra breaker. Very versatile.

Our drills are either percussion or hammer driven, corded or cordless technology and used on a variety of applications stone, brickwork, metal and wood. Our TE ranges cater for shallow and more complex deeper requirements.

If your concrete is reinforced we have an extended range of diamond drills and diamond drilling rigs for hire drilling from 1 inch to 14 inches. Both dry and wet drilling available.

Magnetic drills are a good way to clean cut rota broach through steel. Rota broach cutters are available SoR from THC.

Our paddle mixing drills make light work of mixing paint/ grout etc. The UT1200 has interchangeable paddle up to 7 inches 1600w with variable speed controls.

Availability and pricing from our online hire system shown below, give us a call if you can’t find what you are looking for. Discounts available for trade customers.

Available Equipment Available From Price Per Day (Ex. VAT) Price Per Week (Ex. VAT)
Diamond Drill and Rig 110v 19-Mar-2019 £72.00 £120.00
Heavy Breaker 110v 19-Mar-2019 £30.00 £50.00
Light Duty Breaker 110v 19-Mar-2019 £24.00 £40.00
Diamond Core Drill 110v 19-Mar-2019 £72.00 £120.00
Light Duty Electric Rotary Hammer Drill 19-Mar-2019 £24.00 £40.00
Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill 19-Mar-2019 £25.00 £40.00
Cordless Combi Drill 19-Mar-2019 £20.00 £40.00
Medium Duty Breaker 110v 19-Mar-2019 £27.00 £45.00
Combi Hammer Drill 19-Mar-2019 £27.00 £45.00
Heavy Duty Combi Hammer Drill 19-Mar-2019 £48.00 £80.00