Concreting and Compaction


We have all the items you need for your concreting needs, mixers of different size, power floats, single and double beam screed units and poker and drive units. For compaction we have a range of whacker or compaction plates of various sizes and weight to help you source the equipment perfect for your job. We also often hire out trench rammers, pricing, availability and specifications visible below.

We have great availability on this equipment for hire and we will deliver everything within our 4 hour delivery window. Collection is within 24 hours of off-hire. If you need anything not available through the online hire system please phone us, we can supply for example battery powered trench rammers or anything other equipment suitable for your job.

Availability and pricing from our online hire system shown below, give us a call if you can’t find what you are looking for. Discounts available for trade customers.

Available Equipment Available From Price Per Day (Ex. VAT) Price Per Week (Ex. VAT)
Small Wacker Plate 14” 19-Mar-2019 £24.00 £40.00
Medium Wacker Plate 16” 19-Mar-2019 £45.00 £75.00
Reversible Wacker Plate 500 20” 19-Mar-2019 £105.00 £175.00
Trench Rammer 19-Mar-2019 £48.00 £80.00
Electric Cement Mixer 110V 19-Mar-2019 £24.50 £40.83
Petrol Cement Mixer 4/3 19-Mar-2019 £23.75 £40.00
Diesel Cement Mixer 5/3 19-Mar-2019 £45.00 £75.00
Diesel Cement Mixer 7/5 19-Mar-2019 £51.00 £85.00
Electric 2” Vibrating Poker Unit c/w Needle 19-Mar-2019 £25.00 £40.00
Petrol 2” Vibrating Poker Unit c/w Needle 19-Mar-2019 £25.00 £45.00
Petrol Power Float 19-Mar-2019 £25.00 £37.50
Petrol Single Beam Screed Drive Unit 19-Mar-2019 £60.00 £100.00
Petrol Double Beam Screed Drive Unit 19-Mar-2019 £75.00 £115.00
57mm High Frquency Poker 110v 19-Mar-2019 £69.00 £115.00
38mm High Frquency Poker 110v 19-Mar-2019 £69.00 £115.00
Small Wacker Plate 12” 19-Mar-2019 £24.00 £40.00